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How to Live Stream from Your Phone

Step 1

Hi Friends, In this Article I'll tell you "How to Live Stream from Your Phone".

I think most of the Youtubers upload Gaming video on Youtube or do live/stream gameplay on Youtube. When it comes to do live stream through Mobile. Mostly Youtubers confuse to do this. In this Article I'll tell you how to do live stream from your phone. So lets Start...

Download an App YTGAMING(Youtube Gaming) from Playstore and follow my steps...

Step 1:- Verify Your Account
To get started with live streaming, open the YouTube app. From the main menu, tap the camera icon at the top of the page (iOS) or press the red circle with the camera icon in the bottom right corner (Android). If you haven't already, allow YouTube access to your camera, mic, and storage.
Next, YouTube will ask you to verify your channel if you haven't done so already. It's a straightforward process, but YouTube has a quick video that walks you through this step

Step 2Step 2:-Prepare Your Live Stream

After pressing the camera button, allowing access, and verifying your account, you'll see a screen with a bunch of video thumbnails at the bottom and a camera view finder window at the top. Tap the "Go Live" button in the camera viewfinder area to get started.

Step 3Step 3:-Go Live

Next, you can tap the "Share" button to send a link for your live stream using any compatible service installed on your phone. Aside from that, make sure to orient your phone the way you want it in the live stream because your camera will be locked into either portrait or landscape once the stream starts. Then, when you're all set, just tap the "Go Live" button and your live stream will begin momentarily.

Hope... Guys this article will help you,If any confusion don't forget to comment below. If you like the Article don't forget to share with your friends

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