Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How to Shutdown computer in stylish and easy way

How to Shutdown computer in stylish and easy way:- Hey Guys What's Going on. Hope you are doing well Today in this tutorial, I'm Going to tell you How to shut Down your Pc in Stylish & in an easy way by just clicking an icon

How to Shutdown computer in stylish 

shutdown shortcut windows 10

Step.1 --> Go to your Desktop and Right-click on your Desktop.
how to shutdown windows 10

Step.2 --> Then HOVER(Dragging mouse to the new option) your mouse to the new option.
                             {As Shown in Fig.}
how to shut down computer without mouse

Step.3 --> Then Click on Shortcut option
how to shutdown computer with keyboard

After clicking you will see like this
how to shutdown computer with keyboard

then Type the following code or copy it
how to shutdown a computer

Step.4 --> Then Click on next option

Step.5 --> Then after you will see this option you have to name the shortcut
You may set it to Shut Down whatever you want...

Step.6 --> Then click on finish option
process of shutting down a computer

That's it! We have successfully created the shortcut icon to Shutdown the pc
             It will look like this---
When you click this option. It will look like this...
steps to start and shutdown a computer with pictures
  Now you have successfully created a shortcut icon to shut down your PC
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