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Buy life insurance plans online to protect yourself and your family. Choose from a range of life insurance policies plan is also an investment tool where you can avail of the maturity benefits provided you survived the policy term.

Avoiding Health Insurance Fraud 2021

Did you know that millions of people are scammed out of their life savings every year on account of fraud and that one of the most rapidly-increasing fraud rings exists in insurance? In a world where fraud leaves people with nowhere to turn and no money to live on, it is increasingly important to learn the difference between… Read More »

What is burial insurance?

There is life insurance, health insurance and other insurances, so why would a person require burial insurance? It is because the cost of a funeral has taken a quantum leap. Earlier the funerals used to be funded with trusts and money was set aside for a funeral. Although, it is not difficult to form a trust the tax… Read More »

Where Can I Find Cheap Health Insurance?

Did you know that many people cannot afford adequate Health Insurance coverage? Health care costs are rising all the time and sometimes, saving a little money by shopping around just isn’t the answer. For many people, the cheapest health insurance, no matter how little coverage, is the insurance they buy. Let’s discuss a few ways in which you… Read More »

What is cancer insurance?

Cancer insurance is one of the most feared diseases or you can say the most feared state that you can be in. It eats away your body from the inside and takes you closer to death faster. Cancer can be treated but only in the early stages and unfortunately before most of us realize it, we reach the… Read More »

How are Costs, Insurability and Underwriting Defined in Life Insurance?

Did you know that most people find purchasing life insurance confusing only because they do not understand the key terms used in their policies and process? Understanding the key terms involved with purchasing life insurance can go a long way in helping you pick the policy that fits your needs the best. Let’s take a look at some… Read More »

Do I Need Term or Whole Life Insurance?

You’ve heard the stories, seen the statistics do the research. You know that you need a life insurance policy. But which one? Whole Life Insurance is just life insurance, right? Wrong. Life insurance policies are created based on your needs and your lifestyle. It’s necessary to understand the similarities and differences as well as the pros and cons… Read More »

Understanding Your Life Insurance Policy

Did you know that most people never open their life insurance policy once it has been delivered to them? This may be mostly, or in part, due to the fact that the terms are difficult to understand. However, in an age where information rules, it is increasingly important to become familiar with your life insurance policy and all… Read More »

Which Life Insurance Company Should I Choose?

Did you know that there are roughly 1,000 Life Insurance Company in the United States? That should make it easy enough to find a broker. Just open up the phone book and you’ll probably see a dozen or so in your area. With over 1,000 choices, how do you know which insurance provider is right for you? It’s… Read More »