Summary of the three most popular types of loans

By | October 4, 2021

Getting a loan can be frustrating. It helps to know a little bit about the types of loans that are most popular. Knowing about what is available will help you make a more informed decision. The bottom line about loans is to make sure you absolutely need them because, in the end, you have to pay them back.

The most popular loan type is a car loan. Car loans can come from many sources and are probably the easiest for someone with poor credit to get. The main purpose of a car loan is to buy a car. You borrow the amount to pay off the car and then make fixed payments for a fixed period of time. Interest charges and other fees may be applied depending on the lender.

Most Popular Types of Loans 2021

Home loans or mortgages are used to buy a home or make repairs to a home. There are two types of home loans- conventional and government. Conventional loans follow certain terms and conditions set by the lender. They include interest rates and other fees. They can have a fixed or variable rate. Fixed rates mean your payments are the same amount for the life of the loan.

Variable means your payments change with changes in the interest rate. Government loans include FHA(Federal Housing Administration), VA(Veterans Affairs), and RHS (Rural Housing Service) loans and loans offered through a state or local agencies. These loans are usually income-based and can provide help with down payments and negotiating interest rates.

Summary of the three most popular types of loans
Summary of the three most popular types of loans

The next popular loan type is student loans. Student loans are used to pay for education. These loans can be private or federal. Private loans are credit-based and come from conventional sources like banks. The Federal Stafford Loan is a government type loan that has three different types. The subsided loan type is based on need, has a variable rate and is paid back starting six months after graduation.

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The unsubsidized loan type is not need-based, has a variable rate and is paid back starting six months after graduation. The last type of Stafford loan is the PLUS or parent loan for undergraduate students. This loan is made to parents and they can borrow as much as needed. It is not based on need or income.

These three types of loans – car, home and student- are the most popular types of loans people obtain. They all are used for a specific purpose.

While they vary in how to obtain them and how they work they all are examples of general loan types.

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