Where Can I Find Cheap Health Insurance?

By | November 14, 2021

Did you know that many people cannot afford adequate Health Insurance coverage? Health care costs are rising all the time and sometimes, saving a little money by shopping around just isn’t the answer. For many people, the cheapest health insurance, no matter how little coverage, is the insurance they buy. Let’s discuss a few ways in which you can obtain quality health insurance with little or no money.

Medicaid—Medicaid is a federally funded health insurance pool that provides health care coverage to low-income families and individuals. If you have a job, but can’t afford health insurance, Medicaid will pay up to every penny of your health insurance costs. Even if you don’t have a job, you may still qualify for Medicaid based on your state’s regulations.

State High-Risk Health Insurance Pool

If you have a pre-existing condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, you may be denied or cancelled by your health insurance altogether. In that case, you may qualify to get insurance from your state high-risk health insurance pool. It may not be as cheap as some of your other options, but it will pay for health benefits regardless of your pre-existing conditions.

Where Can I Find Cheap Health Insurance?
Where Can I Find Cheap Health Insurance?

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

If you are in between jobs or will be starting a new job soon, Short Term Health coverage may be the most affordable option for you. While short-term health coverage does work the same as an individual policy, the premiums are much lower because you will only be insured for a short period of time.

Group Insurance from an Organization

If you are a member of a professional, societal or community organization check into the health insurance programs they are affiliated with. Occasionally organizations will be able to offer a plethora of health insurance options to their members, giving them the benefit of finding the lowest rate within an already low group-discount environment.

Health Insurance Discount Cards

Although health insurance discount cards are not an actual health insurance plan, they do offer the benefit of helping the holder to obtain low-cost health care services. As a temporary solution, the health insurance discount card can be of use to many people by offering them a low monthly fee and a large discount on regular doctor visits. This solution should not be used to replace health insurance.

Where Can I Find Cheap Health Insurance?
Where Can I Find Cheap Health Insurance?

Medi-Share—Medi-Share is what you might call a pseudo-health insurance company. Medi-Share is a group of people that have pooled their money together to help pay each other’s medical expenses.

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In addition to Medi-Share, there are many other groups that operate in the same fashion, and if you truly cannot afford traditional health insurance, Medi-Share or one of its counterparts may be the option for you.

Remember, while the above solutions are terrific for many people in the short, there is no substitute for adequate health insurance coverage, and no matter what route you decide to take, obtaining adequate coverage should be in your immediate goals.  

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